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Virtual Reading Room

User Information

The Specialised Information Service Law for International and Interdisciplinary Legal Research offers a range of highly specialized digital information resources that are barely available elsewhere in Germany for tenured law professors and their postgraduate research staff at German universities and university-level institutions. This virtual reading room is accessible on-site and off-site for eligible persons upon successful registration.

No separate registration is required for registered users of the individualised direct loan. Please use your user number to access the virtual reading room.

Available Resources

To get to the resource you want, just click on the corresponding link and authenticate with your registration data!



Dalloz.fr (incl. ebooks; max. 3 simultaneous accesses)

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law 

Oxford International Organizations


v|Lex Latin America, Spain (max. 2 simultaneous accesses; full texts only activated for Latin America and Spain)

Encyclopedia of Law and Religion Online (NEW)

Encyclopedia of Public International Law in Asia Online (NEW)

International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Online (NEW)


Online bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies in International Law 


E-book packages

Oxford Scholarship Online / HSS Collection  (NEW - temporary usable)

Taylor & Francis / HSS Collection  (NEW - temporary usable)



Brill Yearbooks of International Law

African Yearbook of International Law Online

Australian Year Book of International Law Online

Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online

European Yearbook of Minority Issues Online

Italian Yearbook of International Law Online

Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law Online

Ocean Yearbook Online

Palestine Yearbook of International Law Online

Yearbook of International Disaster Law

Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law Online

Yearbook of Polar Law Online


Journal Packages

Eleven International Publishing Law Journals

African Journal of International Criminal Justice

Corporate Mediation Journal

Erasmus Law Review

European Employment Law Cases

European Journal of Law Reform

Hague Justice Journal

International Institute of Space Law

International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution

International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution

Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy

The Dovenschmidt Quarterly

Politics of the Low Countries

Res Publica

East European Yearbook on Human Rights

The International Journal of Restorative Justice


Brill Research Perspectives [Archive 2016 - 2020]

Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law

Brill Research Perspectives in Comparative Discrimination Law

Brill Research Perspectives in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Brill Research Perspectives in Family Law in a Global Society

Brill Research Perspectives in International Banking and Securities Law

Brill Research Perspectives in International Investment Law and Arbitration

Brill Research Perspectives in International Water Law

Brill Research Perspectives in Law and Religion

Brill Research Perspectives in the Law of the Sea

Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime

Brill Research Perspectives in International Legal Theory and Practice


National licences

The making of modern law: Legal treatises 1800 - 1926

The making of modern law: Primary sources 1620 - 1926

The making of modern law: Trials 1600 - 1926

The making of modern law: U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs 1832 - 1978

RGSt - Entscheidungen des Reichsgerichts in Strafsachen 1880 bis 1945

RGZ - Entscheidungen des Reichsgerichts in Zivilsachen 1880 bis 1945

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